A Nest for All Seasons A Nest for All Seasons: November 2010
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29 November 2010

It was a bit too close to naptime...

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It was a bit too close to naptime to get great photos of medium, but we did ok before the colossal breakdown...

He's nothing like his mother...
C'mon T, please help me out...please just act like that branch is a moustache or something...
I can't imagine why he was so grumpy...

Then there were two...

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You must forgive all the photos of the boys (yes...there will definitely be one more post to come...and it might be the best :), but look at that face!  I can't get enough!
...and if you were wondering...these are the outtakes for Christmas cards.  ...and yes, we took pictures in between Christmas shopping for all of our cousin kiddos and cyber mondaying for the grown ups.  Take that Martha Stewart!  (...too bad I don't have a pie baking or something...I think we might be having frozen pizza for dinner...but they had hot sandwiches for lunch...that counts right??)

...oh and there's more...

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...forgive my indulgence...but look at that FACE!

This boy...

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Sometimes this boy makes me feel like doing this:

 ...but how can you resist a face like this...

15 November 2010

The best picture I've ever taken is...

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hopefully just thus far...but my favorite so far is...

This photo is SOOC, and it ight not be my best technically, but I love it because it is my baby and he looks like he's praying and the light is dancing in his eyes...

Enter your best photo over at Photo Freak!

12 November 2010

Show us Your Life - Bathrooms!

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Yeah...it was pretty hideous.  These pictures were in the BEFORE folder with the lovely magnolia wallpaper and green and black tile.  Sadly....the after still looks like the before, but not for long!  Alex just announced that he is sick of the bathroom and is going to attack it soon!  YAY!  For fantastic bathroom decorating inspiration check out KELLY'S KORNER!

Luckily, there are these sweet boys to brighten the room a bit.  There is NO better accessory than a cute boy!

07 November 2010

What to do with a bunch of old dresser drawers??

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One of my greatest small joys in life is finding furniture sitting at the edge of the driveway ready to be tossed out in the trash....yay for free stuff!   I jump out of the car and throw it in as quickly as possible because as fun as it is, it is still a little shameful to be grabbing something from the trash, and I speed home to use up some $5 oops paint.  This week's projects were these great dresser drawers, an old frame and this little dresser.


 This is a dresser I found and loaded myself :)  It was hideous, but solid.  It met my $5 ca of oops paint and some hardware I had bought on clearance a long time ago and some hardware the previous owner (of our house) left in a bathroom drawer.  I love the dental moulding and the top drawer is my fave for sure!  I'm using this as storage and a dumping place for things that are coming into and leaving the house.

I also made some display areas for all the kiddo artwork and photographs that have been piling up.  The first was a frame (from someone's trash).  It got a coat of paint that was leftover from the dining room, so it ties the rooms together a bit and then I strung wire in a grid, with curtain clips strung along it and attached the wire to the back with pushpins.  You could easily add more clips and more photos!

...and finally...the answer to my posted question...what should I do with a bunch of old dresser drawers?  I found 8 of them in the trash with no dresser frame, so I painted them (again...same gallon of oops paint and the leftover wall color so it looks like the drawers blend into the wall) and hung them as artwork display cases. 
There's storage space between the bottom two for a sketchbook and in between the two left drawers for stacks of magnets.  There are cup hooks that hold curtain clips (I had a bunch!) that hold the artwork. 

The drawers are hanging over a little "desk I made for the boys.  I found a cheap table and painted it my favorite brown/grey oops paint and then laid a $6 metal panel from IKEA's clearance section on top.  It makes a long magnetic tabletop for them.  I also made a second table near our entry with two telephone tables and another metal piece from IKEA.  I have no idea what these were actually intended for...I do like that you can see the "as is" written on the bottom when I take a photo like this:
If you were wondering...I still have about 1/2 a gallon of my oops paint left...and it also managed to cover this little bookcase ($1!!!)...and that little piece of artwork...that was a $3.24 Target clearance find that is worth every penny because it slips over the *hideous* thermostat.
...and yes...I had before pics of all of these things...no I don't know where they went... :( oh well!  The after is better, right?

Clever ideas galore are over at KELLY's KORNER!  For more of my alternate framing ideas, check out HERE!

04 November 2010

I was my own client today...

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I was my own client today....Here are my kiddos!

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