A Nest for All Seasons A Nest for All Seasons: July 2010
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18 July 2010

Party Party Party

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That's how I feel about cake too Ryan :)

16 July 2010

Trend setting, bum wiping, seed saving and BEETS!

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Did I catch your attention?  GOOD...I have some fantastic websites to share with you.  Since bum wiping, seed saving and trying to get my kids to eat veggies is pretty much what I do all day (don't I wish I were trend setting!), these posts/sites spoke to me :)

1.  The BEST seed saving reference I've found.  It's easy to read and fairly comprehensive for the things I grow:  SEEDSAVERS (click here!)

2.  My dear friend Amy is using beets in fabulous ways.  She's also super cute, has a super cute chubby baby and (non-chubby) husband and great ideas for hearth and home.  Not to mention the super cute name of her blog:  WHIMSICAL and SMITTEN (click here!)

3.  Finally, Shawna over at STYLEBERRY is trend setting by wiping her baby's bum a bit differently.  She's becoming the expert on cloth diapering and if you are interested you MUST check out her instructional video.  It's super easy to understand and she's cute as a button!  She even has a special deal for about $40 off a starter kit posted only on the blog.  STYLEBERRY ( click here!)

Finally, for those of you who need an escape from everyday mommy life and watch the Bachelorette...If you haven't visited Reality Steve, you are missing out on some fantastic spoilers and commentary.  REALITY STEVE  (click here!)

05 July 2010

3 BR 2.5 BATH, 1800 sq ft Townhouse - $1100/month

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Great town home at a fantastic price! 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1800 sq ft.  Each bedroom has a large closet, master has 3, plus an ensuite bath! There is a full finished basement with laundry room/study, furnace storage area and big open play area. There are sliding doors out to the wooded backyard and a patio off the kitchen as well.  You pay water and electric, but landlord pays landscaping, garbage and sewer.

The property is less than a mile to I-81/Wertzville Rd Exit and is a short distance to Carlisle Pike (Target, Wegmans, WalMart, etc).   Two reserved parking spaces outside the front door are included.  The property will be available August 1st.

Living room and Dining room
Kitchen w/ breakfast bar

master bath

Additional bedrooms

linen closet WD


play area in basement

02 July 2010

The non-twitter twitter log...

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Maybe it's a sign of the times...but have you ever caught yourself riding in the car composing twitter of facebook updates in your head?  Like your life is a series of events that can be expressed best by short real time updates to all your friends worldwide.  The problem is - you are driving...so typing is a no-no.  (Did you read that honey?  Typing while driving is a NO-NO) :)

Anyway, I drove many hours this weekend and there are a few "twitters" I can't get out of my mind and sharing them on twitter seems silly since real time is long since passed.  Perhaps it is just as silly posting them here, but here goes:  my thoughts on a trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Can I just tell you how happy I am that I do not live in a town named Plain City?  or Killbuck?? or Lickville

Am I really listening to Bo Bice and liking it???  Thank you 10 cents at a garage sale...you are bringing me hours of entertainment!

A wild turkey just flew over my windshield while I was driving 60 mph...like 5 feet away...

I cannot believe my parents let me learn how to drive on the roads in New Richmond.  They are scary, up winding hills with cliffs leading down to creeks, no shoulder and no guard rail...I am driving like an old lady...

I've noticed a garage sale trend...in Nebraska, sales could go on for 4 days, dawn to dusk - squeezing every penny out of the junk being sold.  In Pennsylvania, I don't even attempt garage sales because they start at 9 and end at 1 on Saturdays before I can get myself going for the day.  Luckily, Pennsylvanians put all of their leftovers out in a free pile, so Saturday nights are "free-saleing" nights.  Ohio is somewhere in the middle.  Any grand conclusions on what this says about the peoples of these states??

McDonald's marketing has worked.  The combination of guaranteed free Wifi, giant yellow arches and caramel frappes for $2.29...at least 4 stops...maybe 6??

There needs to be a hunting spree of deer in Ohio.  I saw at least 7 alive and at least as many dead (and a tiny Bambi with spots among them) on the side of the road.  Not to mention the deer that ran 10 feet in front of my car and 10 feet in front of the car on the opposite side of the highway.  That could have been BAD.  Let's have deer stew please!

Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving...have a great day friends!

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