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29 December 2010

when you wish upon a star...

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"When you wish upon a star...(or a dandelion)" 

What I've been working on lately...  Have you ever tried using a wood burning tool?  I found one a few years ago at a yard sale for probably a quarter...and besides carving initials into our old home, I haven't really used it.  Well...cue clearance wood panels from IKEA ($3) and the wood burning tool got another go at a little more artisitc project...

 It's a little crude...the artist needs more practice :)  
 ...but for $3.25 artwork, I am pretty happy!
...promise I'll show more when  it is complete :)

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Tara R. Sunday, January 02, 2011  

What a clever idea! It already looks very pretty.

Life with Kaishon Sunday, January 02, 2011  

I really love it. Wow. What a beautiful piece. Just lovely. Very rustic and pretty. : ) Fantastic.
Wishing you the happiest of new years!

kisatrtle Sunday, January 02, 2011  

I think it's brilliant.

Heidi Sunday, January 02, 2011  

This is a really excellent idea!

apictureintime Sunday, January 02, 2011  

Wow. This is so unique. I can't wait to see the final piece.

Garah Sunday, January 02, 2011  

Oh, I love this! It's really simple, but so beautiful. Your pictures are also amazing!!

Amy Renea Tuesday, April 12, 2016  

Thanks y'all! It is a fun tool!

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