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06 December 2010

Self portrait

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I used this self portrait as my profile pic for awhile.  It was taken last summer when I was pregnant with Hank, when we were living in Nebraska and when I couldn't stand to have my picture taken.  Wait...that last one is still true...   Well, ever since babies attacked my womb, that has been true.  Someone made a comment to me that my kids would look back and not see pictures of me and they wouldn't know I was there...well I WAS there...a LOT...so I took a few pictures.  It turned out to be one of my favorite photos of myself.  Someone psychoanalyse that...why would I like only photos where my face is half hidden and never straight on....hmmm

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Rachael Monday, December 06, 2010  

Oh... Love the angle!

Ashley Sisk Monday, December 06, 2010  

I love this angle too - and I love the mood. It seems so reflective. Nicely done.

Kathryn Grace Photography Monday, December 06, 2010  

Very nice! I like the processing on it! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Glennda Monday, December 06, 2010  

Very nice! I love the angle =)

Nicole Monday, December 06, 2010  

Love the lighting!

felicity & nathaniel Monday, December 06, 2010  

cute! I don't like straight on pictures of myself either. Great lighting and processing!

Sarah Jones Monday, December 06, 2010  

Love, love, love the tones! The angle is a pretty cool one, too!

jenny Monday, December 06, 2010  

So very pretty!

Derek, Rachel and Cadence Monday, December 06, 2010  

This is so beautiful and moody!

Jessaca Monday, December 06, 2010  

Stopping by to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Great photo for the I heart faces theme.
HAve a great day and wonderful week!!

Serline Tuesday, December 07, 2010  

It would be the same view our Heavenly Father has, when He looks at you with loving tenderness from on high ;-)

Flyss Tuesday, December 07, 2010  

Love the tones in this photo and it has that lovely soft look, gorgeous!

Julie Rivera Photography Tuesday, December 07, 2010  

The way you edited this shot makes it such a timeless treasure. It is rare that we moms show up in the pictures, especially when we are the self appointed historian, but we need to remember to jump in there with the kids from time to time.

Brooke Tuesday, December 07, 2010  

I love the edit, love the angle, love it all :)

Crystal Rae Tuesday, December 07, 2010  

the angle is great. and I think we are our own worst enemy. I was like that, granted i've never had children, but I've had enough people in my life drag me down about my looks. But I'm a strong woman of God, and I just got over it. :)
You are beautiful

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