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08 December 2010

My husband threatened to blog...and making your own bacon

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My husband threatened to blog if I didn't brag on my new favorite hobby.  Trust me when I say it might be scary if he blogged...

SO, I recently found Miss Priss and fell in love with her simple fabric and felt flowers.  I know there are many many variations of fabric bows and blooms going around, but she is the best I have seen in the DIY network.  So I had some fabric and some packages to pretty up a bit, so tried out her technique.  They are pretty easy and I've got to say the little piece finishing right in the middle at the end is so wonderful.  (You've got to read her post and make one to understand...it will hit you like a ton of bricks).

These were my first attempts...
I had a bunch of Christmas cards turn out badly, so they became wrapping...(If you tried the 4 by 8 deal I posted on facebook, this is NOT the company that messed up, so rest easy...)
 I like these little white ones better than the green...they made their way onto part of my "girl" gift for our Christmas exchange (there are 4 brother/sister/cousin couples...each buys 1 girl, 1 guy gift and we exchange...works so much better!!)  Anyway, this is all I can show you...they might read this! :)

NOW...speaking of being creative...my husband that is threatening to blog about ME needs to be bragged upon.  Why?  He decided to build a smoker.  Yes, that is right - a SMOKER.  ...to smoke MEAT.
Cement block smoker                                       metal flashing over fire side                   mesh to place meat on, chimney flue

Not only did he build a smoker, he did it with scrap in a dump pile down by the firepit.   Yes, you also read that correctly.  the FIREPIT.  DH also made a little firepit and matching little benches out of rock piles while he was casually building his smoker.

It must run in the family...I found this ramp in the driveway made by Stubells.

...and since this is a post of full disclosure...

Recently, I was reading an article on how to save money around the Holidays.  I was thinking I was doing pretty good on the tips given until I got to #9.  It advised to NOT BUY ANYTHING FOR YOURSELF while you are shopping for other people.  Well, I kind of broke that rule when I bought this...

but CMON...looks at the subtext...

Could you resist that????  Besides....why have a smoker if you aren't going to know how to smoke your own bacon, hmm?

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Serline Wednesday, December 08, 2010  

Love the little white roses too!

Nikki Wednesday, December 08, 2010  

Those are fabulous!!!! Thanks so much for linking them up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

Morgan Friday, December 10, 2010  

my heart just melted into a big puddle of happiness, haha! thank you so much for the shoutout, and I'm thrilled you've been able to get some use out of the tutorials! Yours turned out so adorable, I'm dying! Love the bunches of rosettes.

Morgan | Mrs. Priss Friday, December 10, 2010  

I hope it made sense that I'm Morgan from Mrs. Priss, haha. I submitted the comment before filling out the fields. :) Thanks again!

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