Just thinking back...

 'Twas the peony bush there in my garden
That made you turn around and smile at me.
Not the zinnias or gardenias with their fragrant perfume,
Forget-me-nots in fancy pots or orchids in-a bloom;
But the peony bush there in my garden
It did the trick as quick as one-two-three.
Please decorate my garden gate forever
And never will there be any bush.
But the peony bush for me.


Serline said…
Lovely, no wonder it is a symbol of romance...
Amy said…
You've converted me, Amy. :) I've been admiring your Peonies for so long now, and I think they may just be my very favorite flower. That said, I'd like to give them a try this spring. Any tips on where to buy them? How to grow them? I'd love to fill my house with them!
Miss you.