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27 December 2010

Is there really an Everything Bagel?

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Yes there is!  ...and I never would have known if it weren't for Mad Hungry...one of my two new favorite cookbooks.   I think I was reading blogs too much because when I opened this book it was a totally tactile experience.  The cover doesn't give you a true idea of what is inside.   It is a beautifully constructed book with silky pages, bound with string and simple, tasteful, artful photography.  ...all that before you even start reading.

The author is a Martha Stewart icon and the recipes are of that caliber...but they are for guys.  Hearty, wholesome, yummy food...it is amazing...

This morning, I made the everything bagels:

How amazing does that look?
 Don't those pages look good enough to eat?  Now, look at the outside...totally different feel, yes?  My guess is that they wanted men to buy this book too, so they couldn't make the cover too pretty...but who knows?
  Anyway, click on that cover over there on the left and you can buy your own copy of Mad Hungry on sale from around 30 bucks to $16.  It is worth every penny - I promise!

So this is the "everything" bagel.  I had never heard of them before this book, but basically it is a bagel with the works...poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion, etc, etc.  It is yummy.
Next you will need to fry some bacon.  
(Click on the link above to see how!)
Then you need two eggs - room temp.
...and some butter...
...and a slice or two of cheese...
Assembling the bagel is fairly easy.  You just warm a skillet on Medium, drop a Tablespoon (or hunk as I do) of butter into the pan.  As soon as it has melted, crack the eggs gently to fry them.  The whites will slowly go from clear to white.  At that point, puncture the yolks and place the cheese on top.  Allow it to melt a bit, add the bacon and fold the eggs over like an omelet.  Lay it all on a sliced, toasted bagel and you get...
YUM.  ...but a bit much for one person...so split it with a DH...

If you missed the link...here it is again.  I can't say it enough - BUY THIS BOOK!


meg Tuesday, December 28, 2010  

YUM! i looooove everything bagels. they are my fav. we actually had this breakfast for christmas morning :) welcome to the fantastic world of everything bagels!!! (and that cookbook looks awesome... may have to pick it up! thanks for the tip!)

allenaim photography and design Sunday, January 02, 2011  

Meg - I totally remember you loving bagels on tour :) You are the sweetest :)

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