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08 December 2010

Feed the Birds Cake!

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Well...not really cake, but from the way the birds have been attacking these feeders, it might as well be!  They must think they have died and gone to Heaven when they stumble upon our little star magnolia laden with biscuit bombs.  What are biscuit bombs?  Simple.  They are leftover (homemade!) biscuits that are starting to get a little stale, whipped up with a little peanut butter and birdseed.  Yes, I know the concept is not new, but it is certainly still as joyfully fun as ever!

I used plasticware from the recycling bin to hold them and collect the extra birdseed.  We do it like 2nd graders do glitter.  Sprinkle on a massive amount, shake it off, and keep going until you can't see any peanut butter.  That's what makes a delightful surprise for the birdies when they get through the seed and realize - Hallelujah! - there is peanut butter!  Well...I guess I am just assuming they feel this way...
 T was my helper today :)  Check out that bokeh on the tree by the way!  If you missed the allenaim post yesterday, you can make bokeh very simply...check it out!

Back to bird bombing though...well just biscuit bombs actually...
This is what they look like hanging.  We didn't quite cover all the peanut butter, but good enough is the recent standard - have you heard?  I wrap them in raffia after the peanut butter, but before the seed indoors to make it a little less messy.  Then tie the string to the tree and it is all compostable in the spring if there is anything left.  The birds don't like to leave much however...this is a bomb from a few days ago...
...and here are the leftovers saved for when the birdies finish off batch one.  They store easily outside in the winter.  ...and if you are wondering...those are jars of drying lavender - yum!  and yes!  Those are new purple shows that made it into the picture!! :)
Bombs away Birdies!


Lori Wednesday, December 08, 2010  

I love it! What a great way to put stale bread and rolls to use. I usually throw them in the yard for the birds, but my dog eats them. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Serline Wednesday, December 08, 2010  

Chirp chirp YUM! Guess you are their Santa come early ;-)

Maranda Tuesday, September 20, 2011  

I absolutely love this idea! My family always throws away stale bread and such, so now I can use that to help the birdies! Yay!!

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