Hello Dining Room...

 Welcome to our dining room :)  This $99 table has been with us since our beginnings and is starting to show it :)  To hide the scratches, I have been using this placemats to cover them while blending in.  Eventually, I'll have to refinish the whole thing.

In the middle of the table, right now I have my little sedum fairyland :)  These were 25 cents for 4 packs at Lowe's recently, so I planted them with some cut sedum heads, stones, etc.  and yes...I went hunting around the house for fairies or trolls and couldn't find any.  I know it is quite ridiculous...but it makes me smile :)  Visit SHABBY NEST for more frugal ideas...

If you were wondering what was on the other side of the room...here is the blog post for the COMPUTER ROOM.

Three must haves in my dining room...a salt cellar, hollyhock seedlings and my "toybox".  I am a saltoholic and love the look of thick kosher salt in a cellar.  I love the nice crunch of thicker salt as well - yum!  I almost always have seedlings growing somewhere in the house and usually just cross my fingers that a baby doesn't attack them.  My toybox is a little shelf (75% off at Lowe's!) with all of my favorite things.  Pretty dishes, candles, stationary, etc, etc.  Again, I just kind of cross my fingers that the babies leave it alone and so far it looks too boring for them to touch...yay!

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Holly Anne said…
Cool tabletop garden! Lots of pretty things to look at!
Thank you for the sweet comment. I love your diningroom. I love your light fixture. Did you make the ladder shelf? Amazing!!!
I am likin' your computer table ;)!!
Michelle said…
Thanks for stopping by this morning and leaving a lovely comment for me. My hubby actually staked claim on the basement for his home theatre and gym so the kids don't go down there a lot.

I love your dining room table and would have totally thought it was much older (in a good way). I think the scratches add character to it. I actually love the whole room...so bright and big !!
haha janae...I did NOT make the shelf, but I wish I had! It was super clearanced at Lowe's last fall. and Hilary, I love it too! A craigslist find for $40 :)
Brittany said…
love the over table lighting!