How good are G diapers? ...and rocking the leg warmers!

If you read my blog, you might remember THIS POST... I linked to my blogger pal Shawna who did a full investigative report on G DIAPERS.   They are the new trend in non-landfill filling diapers - yay!  If you missed Shawna's post, just CLICK HERE.  She actually has a video of how to use the diapers - very informative and like Shawna - very cool!

SO...I always feel guilty about the amount of diapers we use and have thought about going the cloth route, especially after Shawna's post, but could never wrap my head around the price vs. the benefit.  The starter kit is like $26 at Babies R US and the smallish box of replacement inserts are about $15.  (Compared to the biggish box of disposables for $13 @ Target...)  ...but I wanted to try them at least...SO...

I went to a couple garage sales with my little redhead babe last weekend and guess what I found?  NEW G Diapers..the super cute one on the front page of their website and this lovely light yellow one as well.

The box came with inserts as well...and yes...I only paid $1...worth the price, yes?? :)

The box says the diapers are flushable, but I was a bit scared about flushing it, so it went in the trash...probably about 2/3 the size of a normal diaper.  The company says the wet only diapers can be composted, so that I feel like I could do.  The problem is...very few of my boy's diapers are wet only.  I know TMI...but seriously, the go poopy A LOT.  Like a lot a lot.  I asked Alex yesterday if maybe we should try to get them to stop pooping so much.  He laughed.  ...and said that it was probably quite healthy for them to poop 6 times a day considering the amount of food they eat.  I agree...sadly...because I am changing a WHOLE bunch of those poopy diaps.

To prove my point...I tried one of the diapers this morning and within 20 minutes, one insert had already been pooped in and changed.  I am quite sure the inserts will be gone by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.  The expense of changing diapers constantly prohibits buying the "flushable" inserts on a regular basis.  I also am not willing to trust these diapers overnight quite yet.  BUT I do think I will try stuffing them with a traditional cloth diaper every now and again.

There are a few times where I think these will come in very handy.  #1...when the kiddos get a rash I think that these soft cotton "inserts" (as I will use them) will be better on their little bums.  #2 ...when we do the "oh - no!  someone just pooped and there are no more diapers in the house!  who is going to run to the store?  It would be nice to have a cloth backup.  and #3...perhaps if we ever (a LONG while from now) have a nice little girl that doesn't eat wiggle and poo as much as my crazy boys...they might work very nicely for her.  So for now, no lifestyle change (I am very sorry earth....I compost and recycle, but honestly cannot give up disposable diapers right now), but a fun try nonetheless.  AND a super cute photo op as well in his cute new diapers...take it away bebe Lincoln~!!

...VERY nice Bum shot :)

By the way, check out those AMAZING leg warmers from dear friend Amy!  They are SO perfect for our little crawler!  Check out that AMAZING little baby standing up as well...(I'm a bit biased, but super proud of baby athlete number 3).  However, I am a bit sad about this swift mobility...this child is knocking things down at a rapid pace.  (Grandmothers, please don't worry, I am chasing his constantly and have moved unsafe things out of reach...)

Thanks again for my lovely leg warmers Amy :)


Amy said…
I'm so glad you finally got them! I can't believe Henry's already getting around. Everett—though getting close—is still not crawling. He's taking his sweet time. Love ya!
YAY for thinking out of the box! I have never tried the g-dipe covers (I tried flips), just the inserts, which were NOT least not after the 10 minutes they sat there. ;( I just love a cloth dipe bum & baby legwarners!
Amy - T totally took his time too :) Henry is so fast it is crazy!

...and Shawna...I agree...I think my favorite part of cloth diapering is the look...SO cute :)
ashley said… he wearing them backwards? I thought g-diapers had the velcro in the back?
*~*TeEnIe*~* said…
Hehe I don't think you are quite using them right mama! They are backwards, the insert shouldn't stick out, and it looks like you may not be using pouches which are a very important and waterproof part of the system!! "like" the gdiapers Facebook page and all the help you could ever need is right at your fingertips. I LOVE these diapers!