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30 September 2010


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...because I have some seeds and am feeling generous... if you would like to join the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment or become a follower (or BOTH for two entries...)  There will be many seeds included...definitely some coneflower and butterfly bush and false indigo and many more!

...and because there are many things lookin' pretty, but not blooming per say...
 Imperator cylindrical ... otherwise known as Japanese Bloodgrass is looking lovely.  I only wish the name weren't so gruesome...
 Hello little bunnies!  I find these little guys moved around the garden by two special little guys.  I can only imagine what the thought process is behind their placement.

  This rose is trying to attack...the dew's lovely though, right?

 Barrels certainly don't bloom, but they sometimes are pretty...this one will get thrown out soon, (hello sharp rusty edges!) but for now, it can bask in the sun.

Yes, I understand bittersweet is a noxious weed and I didn't plant it, but it is here (in abundance), so I might as well appreciate it right?  I think it's kind of gorgeous...and to tell the truth I've always wanted to plant it, but totally scared of the garden police...SO I'm glad it is here.

However glad I am of its presence, I would prefer it not take over, so when the berries are ripe and turn orange, they will be making lots of pretty bittersweet decorations.  There will be mass pruning and many free decorations :)  Stay tuned for photos :)

Here are some orange berries...I also found that when I cut the branches with yellow berries, the yellow skin peeled back to show off orange berries as well. 

I also found poison ivy among the bittersweet.  My arm did not appreciate it.  I did learn however, once and for all, what poison ivy looks like.  3 LEAVES and they look like an arrow about to attack you!  On trees, they have hairy roots and there are little black dots (of the poison oil) all over them.   I didn't react all that badly, but it is pretty stupid of me to learn what it looks like AFTER the fact.  Anyway, a fully informative poison ivy post to come...betcha can't WAIT!

....momma and baby ant just chillin...


Fresh Mommy Thursday, September 30, 2010  

Wow, these shots are just gorgeous! I can't wait to see your garden grow! :)


Anonymous Friday, October 01, 2010  

I just love your pictures, can't wait to see more. Please include me in your seed give away. Would love to grow some of your garden.

amy Friday, October 01, 2010  

You guys are in! 4 so far and counting... :)

Anonymous Friday, October 01, 2010  

I love looking at the picture in your album.. I will check in periodically to see what you have new...

Anonymous Saturday, October 02, 2010  

Your pics are really nice. Please include me in the seed giveaway! Maybe next year I will have some I can trade you.

allenaim photography and design Saturday, October 02, 2010  

Sure thing Ladysmith!

medo Saturday, October 02, 2010  

very pretty pics!! i just love them!! :'} ~medontdo

medo Saturday, October 02, 2010  

love the pics!!! ~medontdo

Melinda Saturday, October 02, 2010  

Love your pics! Thanks for the chance on free seed give away! Melinda

skayc1 Saturday, October 02, 2010  

Love your pictures! so cute having the bunnies moved around. My garden tends to have real bunnies visit, luckily they can't reach my plants! I'm lucky, I'm not allergic to poison ivy.

allenaim photography and design Saturday, October 02, 2010  

Thanks Medo and Melinda - both in!
Skayc1...you are LUCKY to not be allergic! You go girl!

Anonymous Saturday, October 02, 2010  

These are such lovely photos of your plants!Hope I may get some seed of yours to add to my garden.Thanks for sharing!Flower lover

WhirlingVortex Sunday, October 03, 2010  

Your plants are lovely! I'd love to win seeds!

WhirlingVortex Sunday, October 03, 2010  

I'm a new follower on GFC.

Izhar Monday, October 04, 2010  

I liked the photography... would love to see more, kindly do include me in your seeds give away..



Anonymous Monday, October 04, 2010  

I really enjoyed your photos. I came over via garden web and the handle there is retnavythom. I'd love to be entered in your fRee seed give away. Keep up the great work. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

huneybunch_2000 Monday, October 04, 2010  

Hi I enjoyed your pictures and your blog.. Thanks for the chance to win seeds.. Sharing seeds and plants has made me lots of friends..

Anonymous Wednesday, October 06, 2010  

Love your blog had to laugh about the rabbits cuz believe it or not that happens to me almost every day[I have a 2 yr grandson].Love your photos and going to bookmark your site and visit often. I would love to be included in the seed giveaway too!

Denise Thursday, October 07, 2010  

How pretty! Great photos.

I hope you don't mind. I linked your post to my PORCH AND GARDEN PARTY at firstadream.blogspot.com.

bug Friday, October 29, 2010  

I dapple in photography myself, and yours is simply super nice......John

Kathy Monday, January 30, 2012  

It's been a long time since you did this page but if you still have seeds to give, I would love to receive some! :0) 108 Weaver Drive, Rocky Mount, NC 27803

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