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22 September 2010

Am I just a chubby mommy?

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So I've been wanting to do a post to link you to Jodie.  She is the most honest blogger and reminds me of me in so many ways.  It is amazing to me that she is able to share so much of herself, and I wish I could be as open and honest as her...

Anyway, I wanted to link you to THIS POST and find more posts of other bloggers sharing from the heart, but Jodie posted a VIDEO BLOG that I couldn't help but share as well.

You must check out her blog...she can curse and talk about God in the same post and it makes sense and it is nothing but honest. 

I think when churches say "life is messy" and "we want to meet you where you are"...I think this is what they are going for.  People being honest about their life, their circumstances and their frustrations.  I don't think church usually gets it right, but I think Jodie does.


jodie Wednesday, September 22, 2010  

wow. thank you so much for this post. i don't deserve any of it b/c really i just have a bad case of over-sharing! :) but thanks for your sweet words... super encouraging that I'm not making a total fool out of myself everyday on here!

amy Wednesday, September 22, 2010  

you are welcome...but it is totally true...

You are definitely NOT aking a fool :)

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