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30 August 2010

How to Decorate an office space

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This is Part 2 of  computer/office decorating - enjoy!

This is the second little office area I have set up.  I do my almost all of my work sitting HERE, but use this desk to organize supplies and keep all my schtuff accessible.  The beautiful desk was an inheritance from "Pop",  updated with chalkboard paint on the top, the wonderful Pottery Barn shelf was an inheritance from the previous owners of the house, the big canvas is a photo of my own, unstretched from Simply canvas, and the chair was a freebie from working at Eddie Bauer.  It used to sit in a display window holding male mannequins with down coats on. :)  SO....a total of pennies thanks to donations :)  (How many smileys can I put in one post? )

Like my computer desk, I have a 10 cent jar of utensils.  On this desk however, it is paintbrushes and chalk instead of pens and Sharpies...

Below is also the main basket on the desk that stores important documents I need to take care of and random stuff like an envelope of seeds, some thread and of course...Burt's Bees!

This is a storage basket beside the desk...inside are a few of my favorite things...I think a girl could survive with these 4 examples of reading material...

...and for those of you that are REALLY curious about what the inside of the desk looks like...

Drawer #1...note the hot glue gun and extra contact...2 staples :)
Drawer #2...lots 'o sewing supplies
Drawer #3... some cardstock, stamps and of course...Burt's Bees!
Drawer #4....lots of Rangefinders mainly

So...for those looking for tips...these are my starting points...

1.  If I LOVE it, it can find a place whether I need it or not (aka a picture of weeds in black and white)
2.  If I REALLY need it, it has to have a place even if I hate the way it looks (aka ugly, but important forms)
3.  If I am in predicament #2, I try to find a solution...see this ring holder solution HERE

Once you master these basics...move on to these...

4.  Try to achieve symmetrical balance through asymmetry...this is where the rule of odds come into play.  Try to use odd numbers when grouping and place them in non-symmetrical patterns that balance each other into a large balanced shape.  For example, check out the pictures in the first picture.  There are three very different photos in different mediums (a framed postcard, small canvas and larger unstretched canvas).  They work together because they share the same off-white and deep brown/black coloring.  I have placed them so that they connect the shelf and desk, and balancing left to right, while still having a bit of interest.  The typical choice would be 4 frames in a square that were exactly the same... (Notice the lamp completes the balance by filling in a hole in white towards the bottom of the collection...)

5.  Integrate found items instead of buying found items.  In the latest Pottery barn catalog, there is literally a section called "found items"...as in, we went to Italy and found a bunch of stuff and now we're selling it to you for outrageous prices!  Sickening... :)  The joy of found objects is the hunt.  Look at things at garage sales and thrift stores and perhaps even garbage piles with new eyes.  Think paint and fabric or just a new setting.  Please don't buy a "found" wooden bread dryer for $99 from Pottery Barn.  You can definitely find something just as cool and more unique for $1 somewhere!

6.  I'm tired and going night night (Did I just say night night?....I have three kiddos...I guess I'm allowed...)


(I think that was a total of 5 smileys...not TOO sickening...right?  Should we count how many dot-dot-dots...?)


~Jamie Kubeczka~ Sunday, October 17, 2010  

Love your office space... That is a great wall color too!

Carolina Carters Sunday, October 17, 2010  

Very cool space, and I love the pictures!

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