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30 August 2010

How to Decorate a Computer Room

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I get more hits on an old article that I wrote on decorating computer rooms than anything else I've ever posted, so I thought I should do an updated post from my new computer/work space!  Check out MORE OFFICE SPACES on KELLY'S KORNER.  This little guy is the newest addition to my space.  Can you figure out what he is for?
Still guessing?  

He's my handy dandy cord holder!  I started having a ton of cords lying around, so I found this ring holder (for a dollar!) and put him to work.

Here is a view of the computer desk area in whole.  I found the IKEA desk on craigslist for $40, and the rug on clearance at Target.   The stools are also Target produced, but craigslist purchase ($20).  The clock is a (I know I'm obsessed) Target clearance find for $12, the lamp a surprising Walmart clearance find for $10 and all the little stuff came from yard sales for pennies.  So, the entire setup (less the actual computer) was around $100 total.  

The greatest part of this setup is that this nook is in the middle of the house, so if I sit on the stool in the back, I can watch the kids playing inside and if I sit on the front stool, I can watch them out the windows in the yard...or I can just watch the birdies playing during baby naptime :)  As for the supplies that are actually stored on the desk, they are very simple...

...a 10 cent glass juice jar of pens and Sharpies...

...the main order of business...computer and phone...

...a close-up of the mouse?  really?  YES!  For long hours editing on the computer, I definitely need this mouse as opposed to the little sensor thingy on the laptop...

LOVE my Pixar lamp from walmart and lovely huge clock.  I would love to buy 20 of these and hang them on one large wall!  My in laws would think I'm even crazier than they already do!!  This light really is great though for office work...it angles perfectly and is nice and bright, but not in your face.

Another favorite is these little 10 cents jars with hydrangeas.  I've been picking hydrangeas for weeks now and there are still plenty!  I LOVE them.  I've always wanted a hydrangea...check out this previous post to see how blessed I've been with plants here.  Finally, these garage sale baskets house random stuff that would clutter up the desk, but that I still use or love to look at :)  Favorites include that huge thing of wooden dominoes, my wooden artist's figure and handmade baby slings for pictures...oh and all those lovely journals...

This is only Part 1 of the office decorating post...Part 2 will be coming soon!


Jessica Monday, August 30, 2010  


and i still kick myself because i saw those clocks at target for $12, and i didn't buy one. i shoulda bought 20!

allenaim photography and design Monday, August 30, 2010  

JESS - I love YOU!!! :)

allenaim photography and design Monday, August 30, 2010  

...oh and yes...I do budget for Target clearance...when I use lots of pantry and freezer items for meals, it never fails - there is a clock for $12 that just HAPPENS to be on sale :)

The Mama Sunday, October 17, 2010  

Love it! Looks great!

Terrell Monday, October 18, 2010  

Loving that cord holder!!! Your space is so tidy and fun!! Love it! I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner and I'm so excited to be your newest follower of your sweet blog! I would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Have a beautiful day!!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Eunece Tuesday, October 19, 2010  

Wonderful pictures! You have a beautiful working space.

Anonymous Friday, February 17, 2012  

what is that part of your desk which looks like neither glass(would be an awesome light-table, part and un-intrusive) or wood--like the rest of the desk?

first guess was a counter--you did say it was ex-dining/kitchenware?--'cept it had no visible 'different' stand =/

it kinda looks like an extra screen/tablet of sorts...which would be awesome too. for one who has intended use/s for it.

Amy Renea Saturday, February 18, 2012  

It's a lightbox!

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