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16 July 2010

Trend setting, bum wiping, seed saving and BEETS!

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Did I catch your attention?  GOOD...I have some fantastic websites to share with you.  Since bum wiping, seed saving and trying to get my kids to eat veggies is pretty much what I do all day (don't I wish I were trend setting!), these posts/sites spoke to me :)

1.  The BEST seed saving reference I've found.  It's easy to read and fairly comprehensive for the things I grow:  SEEDSAVERS (click here!)

2.  My dear friend Amy is using beets in fabulous ways.  She's also super cute, has a super cute chubby baby and (non-chubby) husband and great ideas for hearth and home.  Not to mention the super cute name of her blog:  WHIMSICAL and SMITTEN (click here!)

3.  Finally, Shawna over at STYLEBERRY is trend setting by wiping her baby's bum a bit differently.  She's becoming the expert on cloth diapering and if you are interested you MUST check out her instructional video.  It's super easy to understand and she's cute as a button!  She even has a special deal for about $40 off a starter kit posted only on the blog.  STYLEBERRY ( click here!)

Finally, for those of you who need an escape from everyday mommy life and watch the Bachelorette...If you haven't visited Reality Steve, you are missing out on some fantastic spoilers and commentary.  REALITY STEVE  (click here!)


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