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13 June 2010

Penn State Master Gardeners Garden Tour

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Have you ever been on a garden tour?  Not the kind of tour where you go to a fancy garden like Longwood or Chanticleer, but tour of small home gardens.  Gardens that have one gardener, that is gardening in their spare time, with limited resources and limited space.  

 THOSE are the gardens that you can really learn from.

Today Stu and I went on the Penn State Master Gardeners tour for Cumberland County. The tour spanned Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill and Lemoyne and was far and away the best gardening activity I've ever participated in. The tour was far more organized than I expected and the gardens were fantastic. The tour included a free plant (lavender for me!) and even an ice cream cone at a local shop. In the middle of the tour, there was a downpour, so I didn't get to take photos at all the gardens, but here are a few of my favorites with more to come!

I loved the idea of using these wire baskets as shields for transplants and loved that this gardener left her tools out in such a picturesque way.

LOVELY cannas...I want them...
...not sure what this hairy creature is, but isn't she beautiful?  Master gardeners feel free to chime in with actual plant names at any time!
I'm rethinking hydrangeas...I think I might prefer these lacecap varieties...

I thought these were so adorable...future project file! 
I loved these painted tomato cages too...so simple... why didn't I think of that??


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