Part 2 Cumberland County Coop Extension Garden Tour

As I started looking through photos for this post, I realized blogging is really similar to those times someone sits you down and makes you look through every one of their vacation photos and you have to act interested, even through you are actually bored out of your mind.  At least with blogging, you read and view as quickly as you want, right? 
Anyway, here are a few more photos from the garden tour (if you're interested :)  There were many pots of succulents in various gardens, but I think this was my favorite.  I love the dark brown pot...looks like chocolate :)  There was also a great little succulent garden in a the same garden that had a bathtub pond!  :o)

You would think rain would ruin a garden tour, but it was actually so flaming hot that the downpour felt good.  BebeRed and I hid under trees and on benches to escape the worst of it which was a fun little adventure in its own right.  By the way, I must mention how fun it was to hang out with Red alone for the whole day.  He did a great job considering the 4 hours of garden touring we did and it was so nice to just focus on him instead of focusing on three little babies.  I could actually pay attention to all his comments.  Usually, I am just focused on getting everybody safely where we are going and not losing anyone.
Back to the rain made for some delicious looking plants with water droplets all over them and that "after rain" light was just amazing.

Speaking of amazing...check out this wheel....

I thought these silverware chimes were pretty cute too...especially with that cute little baby hand :)

Hello fellow garden tourer!

Hello gorgeous blooms loaded with pollen!