Overwhelmed Novice

We are in the process of buying a new house (yay!!). I am blessed to inherit some AMAZING gardens, and although I can identify a whole lot more than I could 3 years ago, I still don't know half of what is in the garden or how to care for it! Help please Garden Web members! Please comment if you know any of the plants in these photos!


Gail Miloch said…
Hi Amy,
Hope this isn't a duplicate, as I tried to leave a comment and messed up somehow. Anyway, I will try to repeat what I said.
If you don't recognize my name, I am Amy Moll's mom, Gail. Congrats on the new house- soon to be home.
I know some plant names but pictures are a little too far away to identify for sure. But this might help with guessing- starting with the top picture:
1. Shasta daisy, Walnut tree, Old Fashioned Rose
2. Day Lilies (not blooming), sage?, Zebra Grass, Juniper, Smoke tree?
3. Clematis 'Jackmani', Climbing floribunda rose
4. Russian Sage (lavender), Yew
5. Old Fashioned Rose, maybe fennel or dill?
Last picture- I hope that is not poison ivy climbing up the tree! Probably not, but better check.

Enjoy those little tykes today and God bless you