Can squirrels fly?

Yes they can!!  we have a bird feeder on a second story deck on stilts basically and I figured there was NO way a squirrel would ever make it into the food.  I was right for a few months, but then along came a very brave, persistent squirrel that braves a giant cat, dive bombing robins and a 2 story drop to get some decent bird food.

Here is crazy squirrel (his native american name...known from here on out as CS) after facing off nose to nose with Thor for at least 2 minutes.  Neither of them moved and they were about 5 inches apart.  CS finally made the first move and it was definitely a strategy of retreat.

So I come outside with the camera and poor CS just about has a heart attack.

You can't really tell how scared he was, but every muscle in his body was tense.  You could tell CS was trying to decide whether the 2 story drop to the ground or the cat and the camera held more of of threat.  He finally got up the nerve and decided to JUMP!

...but it was a bit more of a drop than anticipated... he held on for dear life...

Should I stay or should I go now?

He took the plunge and jumped halfway down...and gave me a last look goodbye.

The best part I didn't capture on camera because I only had a short lens on at the time.  That little nook where CS landed halfway down houses a nest of robins.  I always thought robins were sweet - being the harbingers of spring and all.  Apparently, they are sweet until you try to raid their nest because as soon as the squirrel scampered down the pole into the woods, three robins started dive bombing him and attacking him with their beaks - NO was like a Hitchcock movie with robins. would think after all that CS would give up and find food elsewhere.  No such luck.  He must be a glutton for punishment because while the birds stay away when the cat is eating on the porch, CS just runs right up the post and chows down.  By now, you might be wondering about the title of my post and how nothing I've written mentions a squirrel flying...well, after the robin attack, CS was smart enough to start flying from the feeder directly into the woods.  He sits on the end of the feeder, kicks off with his back haunches, spreads his tiny arms and legs like a parachute and flies into the woods.  It's absolutely incredible.  The first time (yes...he has done this multiple times!)  I ran to the edge of the deck thinking he would have hurt himself (if not killed himself!), but he was fine.  He was also fine the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times I saw him fly off the porch.  Stay tuned for more adventure of CS and Thor :)


Oh my goodness! I've always wanted to see this!!!!!