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26 May 2010

In honor of the peonies...

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I've always thought peonies were the poor (wo)man's rose. I must say this rose is pretty, but nothing compared with an amazing, dripping onto the ground, peony bush.

...and I'm sad that we don't have any at our new place, so in honor of the humble (thornless!)peony that I think gives roses a run for their money on beauty and scent, I wanted to revisit them HERE on this post from last spring. Enjoy!

You think I'm kidding about my obsession with this plant? Click HERE :)

This year I'm moving onto ranunculus because I can dig them up and take them with me in the fall...another worthy rose alternative. Keep posted for how they do...I've got a few that are sprouting, so not sure how many rotted in the rain we've been having...hopefully very few :)


Dana Sunday, May 30, 2010  

Love peonies. I was so happy this spring when the plants springing up near my drive turned out to be peonies. I had a hard time keeping my husband out of them with the lawnmower at our old place because the previous owners had planted them in the middle of the backyard.

These are neatly planted in a flower bed and unlikely to get mowed.

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