Cookie Thief

...doesn't look much like a thief, does he?

SO...Uncle Chris and Aunt Kate were nice enough to take the two bigger bigger boys while I stayed home with baby Lincoln Monday and Tuesday. Kate was even nice enough to bake cookies (Isn't she the best??) I went to get a cookie for a after dinner treat and couldn't find them. I thought maybe I was still recovering from pregnancy brain, so I looked the freezer, in the car, in the pantry, in the breadbox...bebeRed - have you seen the cookies? In all seriousness and innocence, he answers, "No mommy, I haven't seen where they are".

SO...I trust him (foolish, I a 3 year old about missing cookies??) and forget about it until I go up to his room and notice a plastic bag on the floor. An empty plastic bag... all good mommies, I used my nose to decipher the evidence and yes, the bag smelled strongly of cookies. I turned slowly to my son and asked him where the cookies were. Again, in all seriousness and innocence he says "Right here Mommy, this is a good spot for them" with his arm stuck halfway down between the mattress and boxspring of his bed.

"Red, why did you put the cookies here?"

"Because it's a good hiding place for them"

"How many did you eat?"


I give up...

...probably a more honest depiction of cookie thief...