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22 February 2010

This ad made me cry too...

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We've been watching obsessive amounts of the Olympic coverage lately, mainly because there is snow everywhere outside (and we have a newborn) and even if we could go out, we can't do too much...again...newborn + 2 plus mommy that can't carry the big babies...well you get the picture...

So we've been spending lots of time watching the Olympics, talking about the colors of the uniforms, talking about where the countries are, and getting great questions like "Where are her pants?" (iun regards to an ice skater...he was afraid she would get cold :)

...and when you watch the Olympics, there are lots of Olympic commercials and when middle baby steals the remote, you can't DVR through them...so we end up watching quite a few commercials as well...

THIS one in particular is a tearjerker for mommies...watch and enjoy :)


nancybond Thursday, March 04, 2010  

It made me cry too, and I hadn't seen it during the Olympics. Sure tugs at the heartstrings.

Amy Monday, March 08, 2010  

Looking forward to more pictures of your boys. :)

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