A Nest for All Seasons A Nest for All Seasons: July 2009
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23 July 2009

Anybody know what kind of bird this is??

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Two tiny little birdies have taken up residence in our birdhouse, but I don't know what they are. Does anyone know??

I'm thinking hosue wren from what I've been able to research, but maybe someone knows for sure?

17 July 2009

Baby Silhouettes

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zen baby...

For some photos of the baby in a box that actually shows some FACE go HERE!

14 July 2009

$5 subscription to REAL SIMPLE

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I've never seen Real Simple go this cheap, but it is $5.00 for a year subscription right now on amazon. Check out the deal HERE and thanks to Mommy Snacks for the tip!

09 July 2009

Win a lens!

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Win a new lens HERE!

02 July 2009

...pulling a pioneer woman...

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...no, not literally pulling a woman who lives as a pioneer...just sharing some lovely horsey pics like my favorite blogger Mrs. Ree, aka "the pioneer woman".

These were taken at a rodeo in Colorado...I left out the photo of my son peeing in one of the corrals - you're welcome :)
horsey #1

pretty prairie grass...

more horsey...

horsey friends...

horsey licking a salt block (i think?)...

I love their eyes...can you tell?

last horsey...

...wish I could claim them as my own like Mrs. Ree, but at least I got to pet their noses and say hello for an afternoon!

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