A Nest for All Seasons A Nest for All Seasons: June 2009
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26 June 2009

Incredible Dance

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If you are a SYTYCD fan, you might remember Natalie Reid (Brandon's redhead gal) that was heartlessly cut for no reason without getting a chance to "dance for her life". Shameful...(Is it shameful I know all this? a bit....)

HERE is a link to her and some incredible videos...check out the guys dancing with swords...

22 June 2009

Let's hear it for the boys! and a new baby! :)

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Let's hear it for the boys...an easy theme for our fam since I am outnumbered 4 to 1 in our house (if you include the cat). Hopefully baby number 3 will even things out a bit :) Yeah...you read that right...baby 3 is on the way!!

Visit i heart faces for more boy photos!

12 June 2009

Airport Security Rant

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Be forewarned...this story is SCARY!!

So we went on a trip...and went through the normal hassles of security. We were given a strict lecture about using gallon sized plastic bags instead of quart sized bags. I had to run a small bottle of lotion back to the car (it was too big!) and made to stand in line to have my id checked again after running out to the car (in a super long line...) Anyway, normal annoying airline behavior...

The other part of the story begins at home...where we don't have a gun or baseball bat for any random intruders that might come in our house. Instead we have a machete. No, I am not kidding - we have a machete...here it is...

So when we moved, instead of putting the machete back in the side of our bed, it went in the closet...

If you have not put two and two together...this is the point to become scared...

We reached our hotel in DC started unpacking and guess what was in the bottom of my carryon? You guessed it...a machete. Made it through airport security (even though my lotion didn't) without a backward glance. Incase you didn't get a good enough look...here it is again...straight through airport security...SCARY!

...on a good note...our bed was SO nice in the hotel...

Another very happy note were the gorgeous flowers everywhere :) There are more photos HERE and event photo from the trip HERE if you're interested!

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