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28 May 2009

3335 46th BEFORE

Pin It room...

...dining room...(not sure why there are 3 pics of this jewel?)

...back porch off kitchen......upstairs bathroom...
...sadly there are no photos of the upstairs bedrooms...suffice it to say there was dirty nasty carpet in all the rooms, icky yellowing paint, crumbling light fixtures, various holes built into rooms that lead to goodness knows where and other such wonders of a 100 year old house!

After pics should be coming SOON!

Garage Sale Success!

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...a little basket for contacts and such...75 cents I think...
...the Jonathan Adler bowl nobody wagered a guess on HERE, so I guess I'll enjoy my Starbucks alone :) (Note to the curious, but not brave enough to was only $3! ...and it still retails for $125 - YAY!)

...this lovely old Messiah score that brought back lots of memories for 50 cents, or maybe a quarter... interesting book of french cooking...
...looks yummy...:)
...i usually don't like "antiquey" or "super old and worn" things like this, but I just loved these tea towels...and they were 10 cents! I think the last one is my favorite...

Thank goodness for peonies....

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I love them so much they are ALL over my house... the bathroom... the bedroom

...i really love them in the bathroom... the kitchen... the dining room...
I'm SO SO SO happy that the peonies are in bloom - I LOVE THEM! In case you aren't convinced about my peony obsession, you can read more HEREand HERE!

Baby Robin comes to Visit...

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A baby robin was caught in our shed a few days he is liberated...
Luckily mama robin and daddy robin (or aunt robin) were watching over him and about when crazy on me when I tried to rescue him from the shed. I had flashes of Alfred Hitchcock's "birds" as they came swooping towards me...eventually they got him herded (do birds herd?) out to the lawn where he could work on his first flight :) It was so much fun to watch!
...watching baby from a rooftop perch...

Baby meets sprinkler...

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I know...I'm a bad mom...I let my baby sit so he gets sprayed by the sprinkler...laugh at his reaction...and then take pictures of funny though :)

initial curiosity...
...oh no - what was that?
There's water on my shirt...
There's water flying towards me!
I don't think I like this...
Here it comes again!
I felt bad and rescued him :)

23 May 2009

Jonathan Adler bowl....

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This bowl (in white) was my happy surprise at a yard sale today...guess how much it cost...:) Whoever (whomever?) guesses closest has a Starbucks treat coming to them! Just post your numerical guess in the comments definitely was NOT the $125 retail asking price!

...not to mention the FREE hardwood Adirondack chairs and footrests (!) on the side of the street...


18 May 2009

Yay!! A childbirth shoot!

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I got an early morning phonecall today with the news that my first childbirth photoshoot baby is on the way!!!...shouldn't be long now.... YAY!!!

A few (very un-revealing) photos are up at allenaim!!!

12 May 2009


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07 May 2009

From the Ground Up

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Photos from the ground up in my garden this spring...

06 May 2009

Family and the new Choo-choo playground :)

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