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28 April 2009

Show and Tell

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Show and Tell day! Otherwise known as shameless self promoting for me today :) Thanks again to Jenny!!! If you haven't visited her site...go and check it out!
I wanted to show photos from Ben and Michelle's engagement shoot and send you over to allenaim for some more!

23 April 2009

New Music!

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A new playlist is over on the right towards the bottom of the page. It's my cleaning the floor, painting the patio music - ENJOY!

21 April 2009

Show and Tell

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So Bebe Red is crazy about lining things up (like his mama), and I walked into the dining room a few days ago and found this:
It was even more amazing in person...just animal after animal after animal. I thought the ark would appear shortly. It amused me to no end :)

The second thing I wanted to show is this new counter that my husband is making me! It doesn't look like much now, but just wait - it will be fantastic and almost double my counter space!!!

Last, but so not least is my latest favorite purchase. It cost a whopping 15 cents I think, and has a chip in it, but I love it. I've been eating everything from salsa to ice cream out of it...just makes eating feel dainty when it's out of such a sweet dish!

Self Portrait KIDS - I heart faces

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...the babies and me...in various shades of Polaroid developing...thanks to moxie for introducing me to poladroid! ...and thanks to I Heart Faces!

20 April 2009

Happy Birthday Stu!

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If you are interested, there are more photos up @ allenaim :)

For more birthday photos visit i heart faces!

16 April 2009

Name That Plant

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Please help (again I know!) More things are sprouting and I don't know whether to save or trash them. The last time I posted I found out I have a lot of the dreaded Tree of Paradise growing in my lilac hedge, so out it went to be used for trellis's and curtain rods...Thank you GardenWeb!!!

I think I remember seeing the end of some asters here when we moved in. Would these be asters poking back through?
These seedlings are EVERYWHERE...I know they are still tiny, but do they look familiar to anyone?

A front view of a woody plant with sprouting leaves:A side view of a celery like plant:

Ground Ivy??

If you've never heard of Gardenweb or of the Name that Plant forum check them out HERE and HERE...they are wonderful! Also a wonder in the plant world: flower angel. If you want seeds, she is the lady!

13 April 2009


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We had a little Easter Egg Hunt with the boys yesterday - such fun!
My favorite thing was the separate hunt Alex made up for me. Can you figure out what the letters spell? If you can, there's a small giftcard in it for you! The first person to figure out what my Easter surprise is wins the prize!!
My favorite brown eyed-blue eyed baby trying M and M's for the first time!

A new tractor always makes this guy happy :)

T found his first egg and immediately dropped it...

There are some new pics from recent photo shoots over at allenaim...go take a look!

09 April 2009


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My absolute favorite place to buy seeds! This lovely lady selling on ebay HERE sends several free flower seed packets (almost double my order!) along with your order and charges a flat shipping fee for an unlimited number of seeds!

I love her! She's my flower angel!

...a few updates...

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Here are a few updates we've made lately...

I love love love these thingamajigs above our bed I found at Target...they sound lovely! If you look in the background there are now curtains up with curtain rods I made from the devil weed "Tree of Paradise" in our backyard. Truthfully, I don't see why it is so bad (yet), but many neighbors have warned us that it is the worst tree ever. I guess we'll see. For now, I'm making curtain rods and tomato cages out of it...

Here is the bare wall before:

We added these shelves around the top of bebeRed's room and painted it white so that we wouldn't keep getting headaches from the bright orange. It needs another coat, so don't look at the paint job too closely :)

Here is the crazy orange paint before. Fun for a kid, but I was seriously getting headaches looking at it.

We also added some of these shelves to the guest room and nursery. Why do we have so many? They were $.01. Yeah - you read that right. 1 cent each from the Home Depot! Yay!

These are the Vegas pictures seen HERE and HERE framed and in the stairwell. We ripped out an ugly handrail - hence the ripped out piece of plaster that we have to fix. (I actually kind of like the hole in the wall and wanted to add another closer to the top of the grouping, but I was vetoed :( )

This is the wall plain, and if you look closely, you can see the end of that handrail way up at the top. It's gone now - yay!


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Thanks for making me think back Adventures in Motherhood!

These are a few of our wedding photos that I hung in the china cabinet of our old house. I would have posted some others, but I have no idea where the photos have landed since we moved!

...and here's one more...

I loved our photographer and would hire him again anyday!! My favorite part of the day was going into downtown Cincinnati and taking photos there.

03 April 2009

FREE chapstick

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I haven't seen other posts about this particular deal at Walgreens...maybe it is just running in our area. If you purchase one of the new Naturals Chapstick (there are two flavors trying to be like Burt's Bees I think), you get a $2 Register Rewards coupon print out that you can use on your next purchase. The chapstick is marked $1.99, so they are basically free!

If you haven't checked out Pioneer Woman's website yet, you really really should. It is seriously my new favorite website of all time!!

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