Abortion and why I'm proud to be a Nebraskan

When I was pregnant with my second child, I didn't find out until 12 weeks. I had o clue I was pregnant and I had already been through it once before! If a girl that has never been through pregnancy, never seen an ultrasound, never thought about the life inside of her goes to have an abortion, what is stopping her? If she doesn't feel anything and is now shown the child, how would she know? All women should be shown an ultrasound such as this showing a true child being aborted before they are ever given the right to choose what they will do to that life. The video of an abortion being performed at 11 weeks HERE.

The director of planned parenthood saw an ultrasound during an abortion ad it was enough for her to leave her job. It was enough for her to say "Screw the economy - I cannot possibly do this anymore". (Article HERE) How many girls would decide the same if they could only see their babies on an ultrasound and see a child being aborted on ultrasound.

Nebraska is a pretty boring state, but they have gotten one thing VERY right. In May, legislation passed overwhelmingly to require abortion clinics to show mothers an ultrasound of their child before they abort the child. (Article HERE). Why is this not national yet? Who could oppose a woman actually seeing what is inside her before making any decisions at all??

A few weeks ago I read of this mother who went full term with a child she was told would die before she made it to term or shortly after birth. Certainly she was given the option to abort her child, but she choose to give him life. Paul survived 90 minutes outside of the womb, but that short life was worth saving. (Video HERE)


Alysha Gray said…
wow... what an awesome post! I wish they would do that everywhere. I just had a friend abort her baby because of reasons I think mean nothing, but the point is, she regrets it now and I think if she had seen the baby growing inside of her she probably wouldn't of done it! Go Nebraska!

This was thought provoking.