Halloween = Mountain Dew

So the best quote of Halloween came while trick-or-treating with our 3 and 1 year old. We went up to a house like normal, rang the doorbell, the door opened and a large silver bucket plopped down in front of us on the stoop. It was full of...get this...cans of Mountain Dew. No joke...a bucket full of warm Mountain Dew.

So bebeRed (who had been polite the whole night so far...we were so proud of him...) looks up at the guy and says:

"That's not a treat!!"

So we quickly shushed him, grabbed a Mountain Dew, thanked the guy and tried not to laugh until we reached the street :)

Then there was Daddy talking his son out of eating a Butterfinger by telling him the twizzler was "bigger". Guess who ended up eating that Butterfinger later??

I was saving this post for photos....but it will be a longtime coming I think...maybe in a few weeks I'll actually get Hallowee pics up :)