Saggy but beautiful....

These mammoth sunflowers are so huge, heavy and burdened with the weight of their own abundance that they bent over,
heads bowing straight towards the ground.   Perhaps they were just praying?
While some might consider is sad, or ugly, I thought they were quite interesting from the backside. :)

Do you want to prevent this kind of behavior from your sunflowers?   You have a few options:

1.  Buy a smaller sunflower.  Sunflowers such as 'bashful' and 'lemon queen' have smaller heads and stand up straight all on their own.  I am growing a row of 'bashful's right now and they are blooming at about 3' tall, with several blooms on each stalk.  They are absolutely gorgeous!

2.  Stake.  You can tie your sunflowers with garden twine, twist ties, pantyhose...anything flexible to a stake, a stick, a branch from a tree, anything strong.  The problem is that the sunflower looks a little cloistered and sad.

3.  Pinching.  When your sunflowers are about 1 foot tall, you can take off 4-6" and the stalk will branch to produce more, smaller sunflowers.  You won't get the huge sunflower heads that most people are familiar with, but you will have more flowers and sunflower faces pointed into the sun instead of the dirt.

'Bashful' Sunflowers


Liz said…
My Sunflower is doing exactly the same! It's had its head in the grass for seemingly months now, and I'm looking forward to sunflowers popping up in the lawn next year.... ha ha! :D

Wonderful photos, so warm...