Let's hear it for the boys! and a new baby! :)

Let's hear it for the boys...an easy theme for our fam since I am outnumbered 4 to 1 in our house (if you include the cat). Hopefully baby number 3 will even things out a bit :) Yeah...you read that right...baby 3 is on the way!!

Visit i heart faces for more boy photos!


Erica said…
what a sweetie! and congrats on the next baby! we're praying whenever we have a 3rd it'll also be a girl, totally understand!
mrssoup said…
Thanks mrssoup!! ...and happy to have company in a man's world erica :)
Jenny said…
How exciting! Congratulations!!!!
Amy Moll said…
Hurray! I'm SOOO happy for you! Three kiddos is a magical number, if you ask me. When are you due?
...not sure yet :) I wish we could live close and be preggers together :(