Show and Tell

So Bebe Red is crazy about lining things up (like his mama), and I walked into the dining room a few days ago and found this:
It was even more amazing in person...just animal after animal after animal. I thought the ark would appear shortly. It amused me to no end :)

The second thing I wanted to show is this new counter that my husband is making me! It doesn't look like much now, but just wait - it will be fantastic and almost double my counter space!!!

Last, but so not least is my latest favorite purchase. It cost a whopping 15 cents I think, and has a chip in it, but I love it. I've been eating everything from salsa to ice cream out of it...just makes eating feel dainty when it's out of such a sweet dish!


Jenny said…
Thank you so much for playing along today!! I absolutely love everything you shared today.

The animals are just so super cute! I can imagine how your heart just about melting and bursting with pride.

The counter looks great already, I can't wait to see the finished product!

And that dish is amazing! Love it.

Don't worry about the button, I took the code off the main page because it was showing up all crazy in my reader. I'll work on it for next week.

Also, you self portraits below are great!!

Thanks again!
Nieman Family said…
This is fun and any easy one...I like the picture of the anumals...SO cute.
My kids line up their animals like that all over the house. I love it. My favorite it when Hurricane Mama comes through and scatters the herd. It's so much fun.

I think the counter is great. Any countertop is great. Counter space is king!