Name That Plant

Please help (again I know!) More things are sprouting and I don't know whether to save or trash them. The last time I posted I found out I have a lot of the dreaded Tree of Paradise growing in my lilac hedge, so out it went to be used for trellis's and curtain rods...Thank you GardenWeb!!!

I think I remember seeing the end of some asters here when we moved in. Would these be asters poking back through?
These seedlings are EVERYWHERE...I know they are still tiny, but do they look familiar to anyone?

A front view of a woody plant with sprouting leaves:A side view of a celery like plant:

Ground Ivy??

If you've never heard of Gardenweb or of the Name that Plant forum check them out HERE and HERE...they are wonderful! Also a wonder in the plant world: flower angel. If you want seeds, she is the lady!


WiseAcre said…
I can try helping on a couple

celery like plant: - looks like Bleeding Heart

Ground Ivy?: - Strawberry? - possibly Yellow-flowered Strawberry (Duchesnea indica) But your leaves look too 'full'