...a few updates...

Here are a few updates we've made lately...

I love love love these thingamajigs above our bed I found at Target...they sound lovely! If you look in the background there are now curtains up with curtain rods I made from the devil weed "Tree of Paradise" in our backyard. Truthfully, I don't see why it is so bad (yet), but many neighbors have warned us that it is the worst tree ever. I guess we'll see. For now, I'm making curtain rods and tomato cages out of it...

Here is the bare wall before:

We added these shelves around the top of bebeRed's room and painted it white so that we wouldn't keep getting headaches from the bright orange. It needs another coat, so don't look at the paint job too closely :)

Here is the crazy orange paint before. Fun for a kid, but I was seriously getting headaches looking at it.

We also added some of these shelves to the guest room and nursery. Why do we have so many? They were $.01. Yeah - you read that right. 1 cent each from the Home Depot! Yay!

These are the Vegas pictures seen HERE and HERE framed and in the stairwell. We ripped out an ugly handrail - hence the ripped out piece of plaster that we have to fix. (I actually kind of like the hole in the wall and wanted to add another closer to the top of the grouping, but I was vetoed :( )

This is the wall plain, and if you look closely, you can see the end of that handrail way up at the top. It's gone now - yay!


Jenny said…
Love your house and the updates!! You found shelves for a penny each, eh? Wow. I need to start shopping with you!

I like the hole in your wall too! I saw it and thought, "that's a cool, unexpected effect!"

Thanks for sharing!