Rose for the Poor (photo project)

Thanks for the project Jenny! What do I love through my lens?

Peonies, peonies, peonies! I LOVE them! I never knew what they were until we moved into our first house and they bloomed. I picked a few to take to a friend's house and she thanked me for the peonies. Now that I knew their name, I would never turn back. I love my "poor-person's rose" and hope to grow them forever and ever! I like this white (it looks yellow, but is more white in real life) so much, I tried transplanting it to our new place. I split it into 6 divisions, so hopefully at least one will be ok this spring!

Water...I love running water...I bought a pump from Lowe's on clearance this fall and am excited to get my first "water feature" going in the garden this spring. This photo is at the Sunken Gardens.

This crazy cat. I post so many pictures of the boys, that I feel Thor (the cat) deserves a turn...Here he is curling up in a mailing we were working on...

Here he is being rescued from the top of the cabinets where he was stuck...

Here he is guarding Stu...he guards baby T now sleeping outside his room whenever T is asleep and coming to get me if I don't hear T is awake.


Jenny said…
What great photos! I just love peonies, which I never knew that I liked until moving into our current house too!