Upstairs Sheridan House

Here are some updated pictures of our new house. There are a few Before/After comparison shots.

The stairway up to the second floor with a Ventian plaster treatment, still waiting to be topcoated.

BEFORE upstairs bathroom with icky wallpaper...

This is out "until we redo the bathroom" redo for now...I painted over the wallpaper leaving an interesting texture without the horrible colors. My favorite thing in this room is the new faucet....$30 instead of $ was a clearance find. It's also a bar faucet instead of a bathroom faucet, but I like it much more than the other bathroom options!

The cabinet was primed and painted, given a light coat of poly and the hardware was sprayed with a normal black spray paint, and a hammered metal copper to get this look. All of the other metal items in the bathroom were painted to match.

The hallway upstairs which doesn't look too impressive, except that it was hideous blood red before...see the living room BEFORE for a taste of this wonderful color...The before and after of the frame/chalkboard is here.

The other end of the hallway with linen cabinet...

BEFORE master bedroom with peeling wallpaper and lead paint chips all over :)

Master Bedroom somewhat least the paint is finished!

Guest Room BEFORE

Guest Room After

The nursery stayed pretty much the same...all of the colors and decor are the same as in the old house here. One little change was in the wall display...this used to be a hideous spider web painting over the same blood red that was in the hallway. You could see it from the street at night...yuck!

BebeRed's room BEFORE...almost every room in the house had a bright color like this orange...this is the only one we least for awhile...

Red's room for now...with most of the same stuff from our old house...