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05 January 2009

Kitchen Makeover on a budget (plus other updates!)

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Living room after getting some furniture, matchstick blinds, and paint touchups...

and in its previous condition...

The little hallway leading to the garage and basement...we just added paint, lighting and tile floor will be in the future...

The dining room was the nicest room in the house! We left the paint color, touched up the trim, added matchstick blinds and furniture and this room was good to go! (Those are my bulbs on the table being forced! They should be beautiful soon!)

Kitchen BEFORE...icky blue paint, no floor or ceiling...grossness everywhere...

The updated kitchen! Tile was $1 sq ft from Nebraska Furniture Mart...and everything else is mainly oops paint, craigslist finds (all appliances...including washer/dryer were $375) and lots of labor!

I shopped for about a month before we moved into the house for light fixtures. This particular light fixture above the sink was a special order item someone ordered and then returned. it retailed for $80, but was reduced to $10. The catch was that the metal parts were brass and quite ugly. I sprayed them black and then loved them! I found 2 on clearance and then an employee at the store told me he had two more he had purchased but they didn't work for him. So, he returned them and I purchased them!

The other lights in the house are all clearance items and the ceiling mount fixtures were only $5 on clearance. I searched several Home Depots to find matching lights and ended up with 8 of them. They also had a very ugly metal finish, but Kilz spray paint took care of it! In total, I spent $150 for lighting throughout the entire house....the lighting retailed at at least 6-700 dollars if not more!

My pretty $50 faucet and $35 sink! Thank you Lowe's!

Alex's amazing job on our Mondrian countertops!

My little computer area at the far end of the kitchen...

Media room BEFORE with a ton of work to be done....there had been a huge water leak...so we replaced the roof, ceiling floor, and painted it all. Window treatments and canvas photographs finish the room! A bit more work needs to be done here, but the bones are finished!

Media room AFTER with a floor and ceiling!

Downstairs bathroom that has mostly stayed the same. We added the medicine cabinet, new lighting, accessories and paint/hardware on the cabinet above the toilet. Tile will go on the floor in phase 2.


elizabeth@themustardceiling Tuesday, April 19, 2011  

Wow, this kitchen transformation turned out great. You're right it does bring your eye up nicely. I like that you painted the interior of your upper cabinets dark to.

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