A Nest for All Seasons A Nest for All Seasons: October 2008
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29 October 2008

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I've been tagged! Thanks Emily! Here are the tagging rules in case you can't read the graphic:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you and share the rules on your blog.
2. Share seven facts about yourself.
3. Tag seven people and list their links in the post.
4. Tell those seven people they've been tagged by commenting in their blog.

Seven things you may not know:

1. Starbucks mocha pop are my ultimate yummy snack...soooo good...sooo expensive...and NEVER on sale

2. I spent a few months in Thailand with my husband (and cat Thor) and were very close to being in the very heart of the tsunami (a very long story....)

3. I was in the chapel service at Cedarville when a tornado went up and over the building to crash down in a dorm parking lot.

4. My husband was blocks away from the World Trade Center Towers when they were hit (Do you see a theme here?)

5. I LOVE to shop clearances (particularly at Target) and one of my favorite finds is getting quarts of Ralph Lauren oops paint at various Home Depots for $1.00.

6. Before becoming a mom, my various jobs included being a nanny for a rich family in DC, working in emergency childcare for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, life guarding at Coney Island, teaching at Sarasas Witaed Bangbon School in Bangkok, mystery shopping and merchandising, teaching design courses for a local community college and working for Dillards and Eddie Bauer. I get bored with jobs easily...

7. I miss aspects of all of the places we have lived except for New York City.

and now to tag some unsuspecting blogs I frequent:

two straight lines
eddie ross
optimistic gardener
twelve 22

These are all VERY different blogs, so enjoy!

Who are you?

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A new poll is up on the lefthand side of the blog. I am curious who you are! Who is visiting the site and how do I know you?? Please vote!! Panera giftcard giveaway ends on THURSDAY, so make sure to leave a comment on that post for your chance to win!

09 October 2008

GIVEAWAYS $10 Panera giftcard!!

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NEW giveaway at Confetti for a $25 AMAZON GIFTCARD!!!

Winner will be randomly chosen on Halloween! A $10.00 giftcard to Panera is up for grabs! Tell your friends! All you have to do is leave a comment either here or on my photography website (allenaim photography ) to the post there. Multiple comments mean multiple entries into the giveaway!

For the design blog - my question is...what is your biggest struggle/annoyance with decorating, home improvement projects, etc. What do you need the most help with? What projects are too expensive in today's economic climate for you to consider?

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