Guest Room Updates

Updates to the guest bedroom...

I found some 75% sheers at Target for $5, so I made matching panels to hang above the bed. I also used the sheer to recover a hope chest. (see below)

I also took off some of the embellishments from the chest to use elsewhere in projects and then refinished the wood a bit. Below is a before shot of the hope chest and the wall display.

Here is the new wall display. I took the sketches down and framed them for Alex's new office, so I needed to fill the panels and this is what I came up with...

I didn't like the color of the flowers, so I updated the painting with some metallic paints.

We wanted some seating in the room, so I took our old $2 couch and "slipcovered" it with some sheets, and then used up the rest of my sheer fabric on the small pillow on the first real pillow :)


Barbee' said…
Hi, found you on Blotanical. I have enjoyed seeing your home and your talented decorating. Precious baby!