Alternative Artwork and Framing Ideas

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There is no need to spend money on artwork or even photography that you cannot afford. There are many alternative ways to add flair to your rooms without going into debt for items that are out of your price range. You also don’t have to take your items to a professional framing store, or even buy traditional frames. You can make your artwork pop off of the walls simply by using some materials lying around your house.

Here is an easy example of photographs displayed on an old ladder with raffia wrapped around two rungs! The project requires a little bit of paint, about 20 minutes and shows off your pictures while adding height and color to your wall.

Some examples of alternative framing include:

1. Tuck pictures into the top of peg racks, chalkboards etc. Be certain to match color scheme by getting your pictures printed in a similar tone. For example, black and white pictures work well with almost any d├ęcor, but look great against a green or blue background. Sepia photographs on the other hand, look fantastic in a room decorated in warm tones such as red and tan.

2. Use on old rake top nailed into the wall to hang laminated photos and use as a sort of mobile.

3. Make a family tree from a simple branch found in your backyard. Attach the branch to your wall after painting it with a coordinating color. Simply laminate family photos and hang from the branch for a cool new take on traditional family portraits.

4. If you don’t want to hang a real branch in your living room, you can trace the shape of the branch onto the wall, fill in the outline with paint pen and then attach your pictures onto the painted “branches”.

5. Paint frames onto the wall to give artwork depth. You don’t need to actually buy frames, just paint out a square or rectangle of color using painter’s tape. Your artwork will pop and when you want to change artwork, just paint over your “frame” and move on to a new idea!

6. Make a wreath out of dead vines found all over during the fall. Tuck pictures into the vine wreath and make seasonal displays by adding berries or pinecones for winter, or cobwebs for Halloween.

7. Decoupage one large photo onto the backs of several magazine holders. You can also use wallpaper, magazine images or artist sketched to make your containers look amazing.

8. Use panels of an old door or window as frames for artwork.

9. Put photos under pieces of Plexiglas as place settings.

10. Frost plain glass to make a custom sized frame around photos. You again can use painter’s tape to get a straight line.

11. Display photos on the inside of a cabinet door by creating a French bulletin board. Elastic is a great material to use because it will pull tight and keep your photographs in place when you open and close the doors.

12. Fill an old trunk with matching pillows and blankets, leave open and decoupage ticket stubs, photos, etc to the inside top.

13. Frame pictures in matching frames and put heavy duty magnets on the back to display on fridge. This cuts down on that cluttered look, but still allows you to display your treasured photos.

Some alternative ideas of items to frame include:

1. Wedding vows

2. Sheet music

3. Newspaper

4. Old dishcloths with sentimental value or new dishcloths with fantastic patterns

5. Sheets that coordinate with your color scheme
Here is an example of a framed remnant of a sheet.

6. Fabric remnants found for pennies at your local fabric store

7. Pages out of your favorite books

8. Clocks, thermometers, mirrors etc make good fillers of wall space and add interest.

9. Enlarge movie tickets and decoupage to the wall. If you don’t want to hang them directly on the wall, you can frame the enlarged tickets or mount on canvas backs. Here is an example of ticket stubs and other items decoupaged to an old window.

10. Anything 2 dimensional, such as a paper or fabric product can be framed.

11. Anything 3 dimensional, such as matchboxes, rocks, rings or money can be put in a shadowbox.

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Kimmy said…
You are so creative! I never thought about most of these ideas, they're so simple and I'm feeling very inspired right now. My favorite is your suggestion about the decoupaging stuff into the trunk lid--I have a "memory" trunk of things I love, and it'd be awesome to have them displayed instead of closed and forgotten. Thank you!! And in case it matters, I found your site from craftgawker :)