Cheap Projects

Welcome to the cheapie side of the site!

This is one of my most recent projects. I found these scrap pieces of wood in a "Free" pile, so I scooped them up, painted them with leftover paint (see the painted wood floors) and decoupaged (my homemade kind) sepia pictures onto them. This whole project cost about $2...for the film developing...

The concrete walkway in front of our house was quite dreary, but we didn't have the budget to rip it up and replace it with flagstone or slate or even I painted a little stone pathway. All of it was completed with Oops paint, so total cost was around $15.

I found this old ad from an extinct department store in Lincoln for $1, and retouched the sketch. I love the character of this piece and it was super cheap!

The upstairs floor needed to be refinished, but we didn't have the budget or the energy to do it, so I just got some OOps paint, mixed the color myself and painted out the floors. It gives an updated look for about $10 and when we do refinish the floors, we have to sand them anyway, so it will be just a bit more work, but in the meantime, the floors look a sight better! Also notice the two chalkboards, one in the stairwell and the other on the desktop. Super easy and costs pennies!

Everything in this room worked together except the ironing board. It was white with bright purple and blue polka I covered it in a tablecloth that I found at a yard sale. Now before you say "I can't sew!"....neither can I....I simply hot glued it to the frame of the board and pulled taut. Now, it's not the best job in the world and the lines get a bit wavy at the end...but it looks a whole lot better than blue and purple polka dots!!

The little bulletin board on the 4th shelf up was a plain corkboard. I added ribbon as trim and then added house numbers to create small individual space to store business cards for my husband and I.

This frame was in the trash and the hooks were 50 a home for our keys for only a dollar!

I found the wedding "autograph" frame on clearance for $15. I framed a piece of fabric (25 cents) and have guests sign when they come to visit.

I found these bulletin boards at a garage sale for $3 each which is a bit more than I would normally pay, but they were perfect for this room. I surrounded it with a large frame I found for $1, stained it, put in pictures I had taken and I had a large piece of work to balance the room.

These are two of my favorite new cheap projects. The branch "hardware" was free...I found the sticks bundled in someones trash, cut them down to size, put on some hot glue and voila...they fit the "branches" theme of our cabin perfectly. The second project only costs "pennies" and you can see a portion of the project on the back splash above the sink. I am planning on extending the pennies into branch shapes on either side of the sink on the wall space there. Again, hot glue does the job!

The Thai prints on the wall were super cheap...$20 for all of them at a street market. they are simply held up by upholstery tacks and "framed" by shelves (that were 90% off) on the bottom. Shelves serve a function as well by acting as In/Out boxes.

Here are some more of those super clearance shelves, this time used to display rocks from various places around Israel. The labels are just two colored papers glued together and then laminated. Total project cost...about $10 for 8.

I was never able to find a mobile I liked, so instead of buying a mobile for the crib I ended up making some other things for my baby to look at while he was in bed. The first is in the upper right hand side of the top picture. I bought wooden stars, painted them and attached them to string stapled to the ceiling. This way, the baby can watch the stars move around in the wind without compromising the color scheme of the room. The other project was simple as well. I took leftover Kraft paper from another project (see the books below) and cut out star shapes that I pasted on the ceiling of the room with a decoupage mixture. You can see the beginning of the star in the corner of the bottom picture. Also in this picture is a little old toolbox ($1) painted in the red color, with a little star chalkboard (5 cents) attached with sticky tac. Footballs are from the dollar store and the blocks were being thrown out of a classroom.

To give the room more color, I painted a star on the wall behind the crib. It cost nothing because it was all leftover paint. Talk about an impact for cheap!

These little hooks came from the local Kraft store for about a dollar each and are "Velcro-ed" onto the door which provides a place to hang towels and hots, but also is a great little game for Red ripping them off and putting them back on again.

I wanted to add a little "husker" flare to Red's room, so I stenciled these footballs onto the edges of the existing carpet. The carpet wasn't in the greatest of shape, so I figured if it turned out terribly, we could just trash the whole thing :)

I wanted to have tons of books in the nursery, but the colors were all across the board from baby blue to crazy bright orange, so I found this postal Kraft paper at the dollar store with little stars all over it and covered all of the books so that they would coordinate together. The letters were on clearance at a discount store and I just painted them up with leftover paint, and leaned them up against some more covered books to keep them from falling over.

It's a bit hard to see in this photograph, but if you look at the top of the shutters, there is a very cheap valance up there. I made it out of some napkins I had around the house, added a bit of ribbon (with hot glue) on the edge, and hung them to a cheap curtain rod with baby clothespins.