If you are just stumbling upon my blog, welcome! The next few posts are created for my classes at MCC (Metro Community College in Omaha, NE). These posts will mainly be for photograph hosting, but there will be some explanations here. For further explanation and the full course please sign up at https://webadvisor.mccneb.edu/WebAdvisor/WebAdvisor?&TYPE=M&PID=CORE-XWMAIN&TOKENIDX=1551705464

Classes will be starting soon!

PICTURE THIS Picture This! Class Notes

1. How to Take Pictures

A. Get Close

...but not too close...

B. Use the rule of thirds

C. Make sure your focus is engaged into, rather than out of the photograph

2. How to Frame Pictures
A. You can fix bad pictures with good framing
B. The frame should enhance the photo by:
1. Being the background (window molding)
2. Acting as a focal point in conjunction with the photograph (curtains and a window)
C. Consider whether or not you need to protect the artwork

3. How to Hang Pictures
A. Consider the type of wall you are hanging from
1. Soft (Plaster, old drywall)
2. Secure (Good Studs)
3. Scary (Cement, Tile, etc)
B. Buy hardware that will make it stay in place.
1. Picture hanging kits
2. Heavy Machinery
3. Amy’s “make do” methods
C. Consider the weight of your piece
1. Light - Amy’s methods
2. Heavy - take more time and care

4. Where to Hang Pictures
A. Artwork should work within it’s context
B. Rule of odds and thirds (again)
C. It’s better to go too big than too small