Decorating for Dummies - Projects/ Nursery, Roller Shades, Miller and Paine

I'm back and I have been super busy! I'm in the midst of several projects at home, chasing my chick around the house and have just begun working on the centerpieces for newest venture into socialization at church :)

We finished the project for the grant...and ended up using the money to add some mill work, a light for the front porch, new mailboxes, painted walkways and cedar edging around all of the flower beds. Thank you City of Lincoln!!! Pictures will be coming soon... For now, here are some inside photographs...

Here are a few of my latest projects:These are simple little stars I cut out from some Kraft paper I found at the dollar store. I just decoupaged them on the ceiling so bebeRed has a night sky full of star to fall asleep to!

I used the same star paper to cover all of the books on bebeRed's shelves so that they have a unified look and the Kraft paper actually works as one of the colors in the palette of the room.

Here are little footballs I painted on Stu's carpet. They didn't turn out as well as I would like, but it was a good experiment and a technique I will use again...just not with foam shapes next time!

Stu's block toolbox surrounded by his footballs and all-stars!

My latest "no-sew" project even though I am learning to sew finally! I found this great fabric that coordinates with the fabrics in my kitchen and my roller shades were all getting yellowed and gross, so I covered them up. Yay for hot glue! They still need to be steamed, but otherwise, I think they turned out as I expected!

the roller shades in the bedroom...

I picked up these great drawer pulls on clearance at Target and they ended up being perfect hardware for my shades...aren't they adorable?

This is a poster I found at a garage sale for $1. I went through and touched up all of the sketch work in black, painted the frame black and then used a white craft paint to paint all of the blank areas to cover up a bunch of pieces of tape that I couldn't remove. Miller and Paine is an old department store in downtown Lincoln that used to be one of the nicest in town and now no longer exists. It was fun to save a little bit of history and I think it turned out quite well for about $2 total :)