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29 August 2007

Decorating for Dummies - Projects/ Computer Room

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NEW and IMPROVED computer decor HERE and HERE!

I am almost finished with the computer "room" in our new house, so keep checking back, pictures will be arriving soon!

This is the initial view of the computer room. More projects and improvements have been made to help those huge white areas, so check back soon!

Here are two bookshelves that needed some help matching the rest of the room, so I covered all of the books that didn't match the scheme in a brown Kraft paper that now coordinates quite nicely.

Those lights are fake! I needed something to add height to those huge ceilings and had extra lampshades lying around, so up they went!

The first installment of my ladder project. I painted the old apple picking ladder I found in the carriage house and then added raffia thread around two rungs to hold photographs in. Now there are newspapers hanging from the other rings which serves a practical purpose, but also adds another note of black and white into the room.


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