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29 August 2007

Decorating for Dummies - Home Tour

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This is the back entryway, the mudroom of our house. I stripped all of the wallpaper, gave it a fresh coat of white and turned it into a very functional place. There is storage for shoes, bills, stamps, keys, phonebook, kitty litter and more in this tiny space.

This is a view of the kitchen from two angles. Even though there is a picture on the fridge and various groceries, etc on the counter, the color scheme still speaks due to the repetition of the colors that have been carried over from the adjacent mudroom and laundry room. The colors coordinate with the rest of the rooms on this floor.

A drawer full of decorating supplies. Notice how everything coordinates even inside my drawers so that it is easy to create spaces that work together aesthetically.

Entryway! I picked a strong color in this area because it is fairly small and I can escape it if the color is too strong! Notice the elements I chose to make the entryway function beautifully...in and out boxes, key hooks, closet, mirror, etc...

This is my favorite seat in the house! Notice the angles between the couch, trunk, bamboo, shelves, etc.

The guest bedroom. Notice how the furniture balances across the room. I have plans to add more dried roses on the right side to bulk up that section of the wall. Keep the flowers coming honey!

This is the master bedroom. Notice how the sheers are kinda dead against that faded white wall. I'm trying to find a new color to replace them!

A bookshelf that is still bothering me. I like the 1st and 3rd shelves, but don't know how to fix the middle. I might end up just filling it with books! How novel!

More photographs will be coming soon! Check back often!


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