Decorating for Dummies 103 - Retail

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1. Atmosphere
In design, you can do whatever you please, but the goal is to make your family and visitors happy, so there are certain basics you can adhere to to make them feel at home. That is the overall goal of this class; to take ideas from retailers that are experts at meeting the needs of their demographic, and translating that expertise into hints and tricks we can use at home.

2. Color
In design, you can you whatever colors you want, but they will not necessarily be pleasing. To make your home feel as if it has been thought through and intelligently designed, your color scheme needs to flow throughout your entire home and fit within the design style you have chosen or your home has dictated.

3. Spacing and Flow
In design, it is essential to declutter, so that the design can be seen. It is also essential for your home to flow naturally and seamlessly so that your family and guests feel comfortable and are not confused.

4. Directing
Direction allows your guests and family to have a good idea of what they should be doing in the rooms you have designed for them. The retail concepts we have discussed give you great tools to do so. Concentrate on placing items so that they have a purpose whether it is practical, decorative, or both.

5. Purpose
Your ultimate goal is to make people feel at home and to express yourself and the things you value through your design.