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Why my plants had to die... I was recently reading a fellow blogger's post about moving and felt compelled to leave a very long comment.  I thought I'd share with y'all here and include some photos of the wonderfulness :)  To read her post first, visit HERE (By the way, she is always posting great deals as well, so check her out no matter what!)

So here is what I wrote:  "We just recently moved too and I totally get the tiny bit of, yes, *grief* leaving a garden. I tried to bring as many things as possible…I carried little cuttings in pots in my car over a 4 day trip from Nebraska to Pennsylvania. (Please don't make me tell you about the cat using one as his personal toilet 30 miles from our destination...)  Needless to say, only a few things survived, but I do have a little reminder of our old home.
God taught me a lesson with this move though…You know the story of the little girl who has to give up her old dirty beaded necklace to her Daddy so he could give her the gift of a new …

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