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21 November 2014

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA ::: Metal Stamped Necklaces

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Need a cute little gift topper to go with Jill's Chalkboard Gift Tags??  How about these stamped metal necklaces??


Supplies needed to make your own stamped metal name charms:

(Note: Even after buying all the supplies, two of which you can use over and over and over again -- you are STILL far under the cost of the stamped metal inspiration necklace!!)


Start with your metal charm and line up your letter of choice with the metal punch...


...then BOOM BOOM BOOM with the hammer.


Repeat this step with all the letters in the name, then color in each letter with metallic marker.


Wipe off excess with a rag (it might need to be slightly damp).  
You want the metallic color to stay in the letters to help them pop out from the background.


On this darker charm I liked the silver, but also the bronze.
Play around with colors to see which you prefer!

Hammered Necklace Writing

To finish off the stamped metal necklace, string the charm onto your ball chain and then attach the self-adhesive "cover" to the top.



I love the price of these stamped metal necklaces (around $2-3 each!), the simplicity and the almost dog-chain-feel they have with the ball chains.  You can string mutiple charms on one necklace or wear several for your multiple children, or simply wear a single charm with your own name!


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20 November 2014

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags

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Everybody welcome back Jill of Snugglebug University for a fun new tutorial!
Get her latest updates on facebookpinterest or follow along with the Snugglebug U full feed RIGHT HERE!
For right now though, get ready to get crafting with Jill!  Take it away darling!

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

Hi all!  So excited to be back at the Nest today!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I LOVE a pretty present.  I also totally dig this latest trend of chalkboards everywhere, and after discovering chalkcloth last year, I couldn't wait to whip up some chalk "board" gift tags this holiday season. Have you heard of Chalk Cloth before?  It's basically a oil cloth-like fabric that acts just like a chalkboard.  Pretty awesome stuff huh?

 I know what you're thinking--I'm already so busy that I totally don't have time for to make these! They really only take a few minutes to make.  In fact, I sewed mine, but you could totally just glue them instead.  I made a bunch and plan on letting my kids decorate them.  Alright, let's get started!

What you'll need:

  • Chalk Cloth
  • Chalk pens
  • felt for backing
  • sewing machine 
  • shapes for tracing
  • a hole punch
  • fabric scissors
The back of the chalk cloth is really bumpy, so I like to use felt to cover it.  A credit card or cup are great sizes to trace for your gift tags!

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

I start out by tracing what I want my tags to look like.  
You'll need to trace the shape both on the card and on the felt.

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

Once you are done tracing, go ahead and cut out the shape.

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

Now I just like to sew a narrow stitch all around both layers (the felt and the chalkcloth) to attach them together.

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

All finished sewing!

(Note, my machine seemed to sew the chalk cloth easily with just a normal foot and needle,
 but if your machine is struggling, glue should work just as well!)

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

I used a regular hole punch to punch a hole in the tag (to attach a ribbon!)

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

Now's the fun part...Embellishing with your chalk pens! 
These pens are great because your drawing stays on really well until you clean them with a damp paper towel.

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas Craft Idea

Do you love them?  I'd love to hear what you think!

DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags Christmas

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These are fantastic Jill and love how they are a little gift in themselves!  Totally in the mood for gift wrapping now!

you can follow Jill's latest updates on facebookpinterest 
or follow along with the Snugglebug U full feed RIGHT HERE!

19 November 2014

Norfolk Pine ::: The Tropical Christmas Plant

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Before we get started...take 2 seconds and guess where this plant comes from...
You got it??  Keep that guess in your head.  No changing...

Have you seen these little pine trees popping up in stores yet?  I have seen them ALL over and have been so very tempted to buy a few.  However, it is early in the "almost Christmas" season and all the plants I have seen are large and thus...expensive.  The solution?  SMALL PLANTS.  (Thanks to Costa Farms for providing the plants photographed for editorial use.) You can find small versions grown by Costa Farms at Home Depot and elsewhere. still have that guess in your head where these cute little pines originated?
If you said a small little island (Norfolk Island) in the Pacific, you would be right.
These plants that look perfect for Christmas are actually tropicals.  Can you believe it?

Want a tiny living Christmas tree indoors?  This is your tree.
Want a tree for a pot at your front door this Christmas?  This is NOT the tree.  It will die.

I potted mine up in a basket and a little metal bucket, topped with some orchid moss.  
I had two cute little buckets, but the boys took one to make a messenger zipline from their treehouse.
No, really.  Zip line.  Metal Bucket.  From the treehouse.  oh my.
Back to the pines though...

I did consider pruning it like THIS, but I think these plants are a little too small for that treatment.
I also considered doing THIS, but ultimately wanted the plants to stay full in the containers.

Pretty aren't they?  Many more growing tips HERE at Costa Farms
but keep them warm, give them a little light and not too much water and you are good to go!
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